Mothers Of Preschoolers
 International Convention
September 22nd, 23rd and 24th
Dallas, Texas

Once again Tessa got to stay with my parents and Brian got the house to himself for several days as
 I headed off to Dallas for the 2005 MOPS International Convention.  I did a much better
 job this year on the flights.  I wasn't nearly as nervous about getting on the plane although there
 was an air of tension the entire trip because we were not sure what path Hurricane Rita would take.
  Would we get stuck in Dallas because of high winds and rain?  Should we make plans to leave early
 or stay an extra day?  Turns out we had nothing to worry about and Dallas didn't see a drop
 of rain the whole time.  Rita turned east and missed us completely.

I didn't take nearly as many pictures this year as I did last year in Nashville.  I'm not sure if it's
 because I'd already been to convention or if I just didn't put myself in as many places for possible photo opportunities.

Like the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, the Gaylord Texan is all done in a regional theme.
  Everything in the hotel screamed TEXAS!  From the sound of country music filtering through the atrium
 to the huge yellow Texas star at the top of the glass dome.  It was, not surprisingly, most dramatic at night.

This is the center of the main atrium.  The tile circle surrounded by the flags is directly under the star.

A beautiful little river ran through the atrium and under bridges.
  You could either walk on the main level up above or stroll along the path by the riverbank.

Here is the River Walk section- based on the river walk in San Antonio.
 You can just make out some of the fish in the river.  They were huge!
  The breakfast buffet at this restaurant was $21 per person with prices going up for lunch and
dinner.  We dined elsewhere.

This pretty little waterfall was tucked in a corner just outside the indoor pool.
  I thought it was pretty and serene.  Anyone want to build me one in my backyard? 

Our room was over on the Hill Country side of the hotel.
 Our balcony is just behind the windmill on the 3rd floor.
 It was kind of nice being over in this other section. 
No music playing outside and less people walking past.

This was taken just a few steps away from the one above.  The windmill and
 our room are just to the left.  Walking out onto our balcony we looked down onto this tree.
  Since the hotel was just built last year, I was trying to imagine the workers
 getting this full grown tree into position.

The outdoor pool at night.  We never found time to go for a swim but it was close to our
 room and I passed it many times as I took the outdoor path through the vineyard to
 and from the convention center.  The heat kept most people inside which made this path quiet
 and mostly deserted. Easier than fighting the crowds and the grape arbors were pretty.

This may seem like a strange thing to take a picture of but I thought this huge metal cowboy hat
 over the Starbucks stand was cute.  We spent a lot of time at the mall because their food court had
 lots of cheap options for meals.  My only complaint was that everything you ordered in Texas
 had jalapeņo peppers in it!  Even the teriyaki bowl at Panda Express was almost too
 hot to eat!  My dad would have loved it. :)

Here's Janice in front of the stuffed Texas longhorn.  We had to pass right by this guy to get to our room and
 often had to stand and wait while people had their picture taken in front of him.

I went to Dallas with 7 of the most wonderful women you could ever know.  We had a blast.
  Here's Janice, Trudy and Gramma Kay at the Zone 3 luncheon.  We sat at a table
 with 3 gals from University Place who wanted to steal Gramma Kay for their group.  We told them no way!

Here are Shirley, Kristi, Cara and Tracy at the same luncheon.

During one of the General Sessions.  5,000 women all singing at once
 is quite moving and powerful.

Here we are!  Standing: Kristi, Trudy, Janice, Kay and Tracy  Kneeling: Cara, Me, Shirley

Next year the convention will be back in Nashville.  I hope to be there!

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